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Kevin Walton

Actor | Activational Speaker

On screen, on the stage, or in person, Kevin A. Walton is quite known for leaving a lasting impression.  There is a depth and authenticity to him that is both captivating and intriguingly refreshing which carries over across a wide assortment of talent and skill.  Having built an initial following as an Inspirational Writer, Poet, and Hip-Hop Artist, the Colorado native by way of New Mexico began his acting career in Miami, FL just a few of years after graduating from the University of New Mexico with a Bachelor's degree in Entrepreneurship.

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He quickly began to make a name for himself in the South Florida acting and stunt scene with several independent films, and roles on Burn Notice, Locked Up Abroad, and Step Up Revolution.  He received great acclaim for his dynamic portrayal of Dwight in the Ground Up & Rising's theatre production of "The Recommendation" that saw a beautiful dance of intensity, humor, and menacing spontaneity.  After a steady stream of more serious roles, Kevin revealed his range in the film "Playin' For Love" offering a well delivered comedic side of himself in the character, Carvel 'Cooty' Larson, which he portrayed flawlessly with the guidance of Robert Townsend.


Kevin has been described as a natural talent with a magnetic presence and courageous work ethic, and the potential to be one of the great ones.  He has recently become a familiar face on the BET Network playing the role of Aaron Carter on the number 1 cable hit television Series “Sistas” written and directed by Tyler Perry, now in its fourth season.


In addition to his acting career, Kevin is a well known Spiritual Guide, Transformation Specialist, and Activational Speaker, having developed the facilitation of his own practice entitled Creatorhood: The Art of Living From Truth, that supports and directs the sustainable embodiment of full authentic expression through the process of establishing greater honesty with the self, increased presence and productivity, healthy relationship dynamics, inner and outer health and wellness, increased awareness, and enriched connection for individuals, couples, families, teams, business, organizations, and communities.  Through this practice he facilitates seminars, workshops, trainings, and developmental programs with a passion to witness humanity evolve into a greater expression of itself.

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