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The Studio

Level Up Film Studio features:

  • 3,000 square foot warehouse space, chroma curtains, selection of weapons and props, and cyclorama wall Read more...

  • Recording booth with onsite editing for music production, ADR, voiceover capture Read more...

  • Behind the scenes

    • Conference Room

    • Hair and make up studio

    • Wardrobe

    • Food and Crafty area


3,000 sq ft stage with 23ft ceilings, 60x16ft chroma curtain, a wide variety of props and weapons for whatever your production needs, as well as being equipped with a Cyclorama wall. A perfect space for feature productions, pre-production, stunt previs/rehearsal, music videos, and much much more.


Recording booth with onsite editing for music, production, ADR, Voiceover, and in booth screen to help performers with lines and timing.


Behind The Scenes       

  • Large conference room with HDMI hook up.

  • Green room for actors or performers to relax or change in while not needed on set.

  • Hair and Makeup office area with plenty of space for work areas and gear.

  • Z racks filled with any and all of your wardrobe needs.

  • A break area for snacks, drinks, and large space for crafty.

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